MARKRON Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer
New 4-Color Pack

Color Mark Cartridges for Instant Identification

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Color mark cartridges for instant identification.

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Use of the MARKRON Primer Sealer may make the difference between a successful hunt and a blown opportunity.

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Grandfalls, TX

Introducing the new MARKRON Primer Sealer 4-Color Pack. Now completely seal and waterproof cartridge primers, shot shell primers, bullet case joints and off the shelf, unsealed, factory ammunition with the option of color marking each cartridge for instant powder load and cartridge caliber ID. The MARKRON Color Pack contains 4 bright, vivid colors in red, blue, green and black. This is not nail polish, which is prone to peeling, chipping and moisture deterioration. This is the proven original Primer Sealer formula but with unique coloration added.

Color ID your cartridge reloads.

4 permanent bright vivid bonding colors. Color marks reload rounds for instant ID, as well as ID for multiple powder loads.

  • INSTANT ID for Trophy Hunting
  • INSTANT ID for Powder Loads
  • WATERPROOFS Cartridge and Shot Shell Primers
  • WATERPROOFS Cartridge Case Joints
  • WATERPROOFS Black Powder Nipples
  • Perpetual Cartridge Storage Life
  • Up to 30 Days Total Water Submersion

MARKRON Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer, is the product that insures certain peace of mind when hunting for that once in a lifetime trophy or for dangerous big game species. Introduced in 1996, this essential component is used by thousands of cartridge reloaders across the nation to provide certain peace of mind in critical firing situations.


MARKRON Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer does not affect muzzle pressure, velocity, or accuracy and is fast drying, easy to use and economical.


Unlike nail polish, MARKRON Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer is formulated with space age compounds and polymers which when bonded to metal, forms a water proof seal so effective that we guarantee 100% firing consistency when used as directed.

MARKRON Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer is endorsed by the North American Hunting Club and carries the NAHC "Recommended to Members" official seal and is recommended to members by the N.R.A.

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